Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Bright Side

There’s always a bright side, right? A friend got laid off… I say it’s because there is something better. Believe the best is yet to come… and it comes to fruition. Any of us reading this right now, who play on Facebook and their computers, should just be grateful. You get dumped? Look on the bright side, as you are now available to meet someone new and have a new adventure.

The bright side of an impending hot summer? Making cool milkshakes, like this toasted marshmallow one.

The bright side to any exercise: Feeling good, burning calories, being able to eat the milkshake — and in this case, surviving.

The bright side to having pets, besides all the love they give you, is dressing them up and taking a shitload of photos of them.

The best thing ever? We can choose to look at the bright side.


Cool Rider

I used to love Grease 2 as a kid. Cool Rider was my fave song. Go ahead and judge if you want. Anyways, back to things that are just cool…

Meet cool dog Luke. he eats signs. then they sell them on Etsy.

This pic is just too cool not to share. Portland.

This woman crochets motorcycles, and busses. What is cooler than that?

What’s cool for dinner tonight? Healthy vegetarian fajitas. Bon appetit!

Funny or Die…

Really now…you can find the humor in life and all the crap that can happen, or you can get all crazy stressed about it….and die. Too heavy for a Friday? OK, let’s lighten it up.

Get back at someone by delivering a handful of  these evil, hot gummy bears. Kinda funny.

This is fun, amazing, cool and I can’t even imagine seeing an elephant walking by my window. Definitely a bucket list item.

Speaking of elephants, look at this little LV one!

Life’s way too short to not have a birthday cake shot. Caution: Someone that declines one of these when offered should be avoided at all cost. Cause they gotta be crazy.

Have a crazy, funny stress-free weekend. xo.

Finding Your Happy Place

Regardless of what is going on “out there,”  I keep on learning how important it is to be happy within. Whether it’s going on a walk, reading a book (50 Shades – holla!), talking to a good friend, having coffee with that good friend, or giving someone a gift, doing all of these things as much as possible helps me.

Happiness is the bright spring colors this year. Michael Stars has great linen pants too.

Happiness is s’more anything. And hanging by a good campfire. I could do some damage to this s’more snack mix.

Who wouldn’t be happy on a water slide – especially one in Bali?! I’m even good with one in Arizona.

There is nothing better than being able to just be yourself. The end. For now.

50 Shades…

I have gotten sucked into the Shades of Grey trilogy and I think the books are great – and just a few shades off from Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts,  honestly. No big deal. My favorite thing about the book is that Christian is always telling Ana to eat! I think she should try this recipe for Pistachio bread

Maybe Christian could get some dogs, since Ana has a hard time being submissive. But I guess then we wouldn’t have the three books and all that drama. This photo is just wow.

Somehow I think Mr. Grey would totally dig this cast.

The two spend lots of time sending emails. And they both have very good grammar. Another reason the book is sexy.