Monthly Archives: January 2013

Hot Cocoa

Time to get back to basics…my love for chocolate and specifically, hot cocoa. If you have not been paying attention lately, there’s more to the beverage than Swiss Miss.

Exhibit A: Hot cocoa cake balls ala Sugar Derby.

hot cocoa cake balls

Exhibit B: Mexican hot cocoa cake.

mexican hot cocoa cake

Exhibit C: Fresh mint hot cocoa (Thank you not without salt.)

fresh mint hot cocoa

If this is all too fancy – just throw a peppermint stick into your cocoa. You will be happy. Or grind one up into your chocolate milk shake. Life is way too short to not get a little decadent from time to time. Remember: No whining over spilled cocoa – or anything for that matter.
no whining!



This might be my favorite time of year — if it was only 80 degrees¬†outside it would be even better. It’s a hopeful time, a renewing phase with so much opportunity. Forget last year and live right NOW. I think Eckhart Tolle said something like that — and he is pretty wise.

What else is very wise is to start planning the next vacation now. Something to look forward to is always nice. You won’t catch me in a trailer, but I do¬†like this one.

airstream trailer cool

Is it smart to ever wear a shirt with the F word on it? I wonder about that.
fucking zombie

It’s always wise to have a Beethoven bust in your world. I actually have one of these I inherited from my dad — but it’s a copper color. I love it.

Fresh fruit is always a good idea. I know that for a fact. A Beautiful Mess knows how to make one mean smoothie – healthy too!
triple berry smoothie