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Ever wonder what your favorite superhero would look like if  he was just walking around town? Totally digging this artwork. Clark has never looked hotter.

Imagine if SM ran into this little badass Pug. They might become friends.

Snack of superheros: Pomegranate popsicles.  Packed with crime-fighting antioxidants.

A truly super place to visit – Yosemite. Get in touch with nature and life will be happy. and pretty. Have a great week all.


You’re Unbelievable…

…in a good way. I used to love that song by EMF – I can’t stop listening to the eighties stations on Sirius. Not sure what that means or says about me (ha! Glory days!?). Anyways…hope everyone has a pretty hump day.

Unbelievably cute and sexy t-shirt.

This pic makes me happy. Almost as happy as hearing a Scritti Politti song.

I just found the most unbelievable recipe EVER. Banana pumpkin caramel cake.  All of my fave ingredients together.

Nice thought for mid-week. If you don’t put energy into something it can’t really blossom. Focus on what matters. I gotta remember that.

Coke or Pepsi?

I know we are supposed to be gearing up for summer = lots of kale and less cupcakes. Had to share this intriguing recipe with you.

Introducing coca cola cupcakes with salted peanut butter frosting. I guess Coke wins.

I found the perfect striped shirt to wear as a cover over that too-small bikini …or just to wear. Love this one.

A little reminder from a Dash of Ash: I will take it as a sign to buy this striped shirt.

This photo is kind of perfect. There is always a light at the end of any tunnel, dilemma or crisis.

Walking in LA

People may not walk in LA, but in the suburbs they are hiking, biking and enjoying the amazing weather. I think I exercise because I like to eat (70%) and also know it is good for me ( 30%.)

Speaking of eating… here’s a NO BAKE BANANA SPLIT PIE. Shit, I gotta get to boot camp at least twice this week for that one.

When you have a choice, take the stairs.

When you also get the chance, get a pair of Dolce Vita wedges and buy some fruit.

If someone asks you how you are…think about it…and answer honestly.

Good Energy

Wishing everyone a positive+ happy+healthy wknd! I am purposely NOT going to overbook  myself so I have time to just take a walk with Lil Buss and putz around the house.

Speaking of house decor, I am not normally a fan of hanging animal heads on the wall, but this is actually cute. right!?

Speaking of cute, this is why I do not eat lamb. What a great shot from a talented blogger.

Don’t forget to live it up once in awhile! Don’t be so serious…you know who you are!

Also, wear some yellow! I am obsessed with this outfit. and blog.

Honorable mention on this Friday the 13th – 3 cheers for everyone’s favorite killer Jason Voorhees! You go boy!

The Boiling Point!

I’ve reached 100 posts here … 100 days of sharing photos, thoughts, recipes and randoms – thank you for all of the sweet encouragement and feedback. It means a lot. My blog is sort of like a coloring book for me – something fun to do – and the best part is going outside the lines sometimes!

Much inspiration comes from animals – such an authentic source of LOVE. Can’t we all just get along?

Also inspired by the clothing from Free People, if you havent noticed!

Food excites and delights just as much as finding a great new t-shirt or pair of jeans. Chicken Tamale Pie. Pinch of Yum.

Back to the beauty of nature and this flippin out Dolphin. Incredible, right! He is so happy, I think I’ll name him Pretty Frank.


I am a work in progress at keeping it simple. Staying in the right-now. Enjoying the present. Staying real: Like this simple, yummy Avocado on bread idea. I first saw this at a cool little cafe in Carmel, CA.

A thank you doesn’t have to be complex. Keep it simple. Bake, give, smile!

Did you know that we can choose to be happy? It’s kinda that simple. Most days!

Simply the best Easter candy ever. I ate a few this past weekend. PS – They are great frozen!

Sugar or Salt?

How about both? I am an equal opportunity offender. The best of both worlds is when they are combined – like this salty chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe.

Either way, you are gonna need some water, and so do our pups. Below, a distant relative of Lil Buss samples a great innovation, doggy fountains.

I don’t know about you, but I’d eat anything – sugar, salt, water, breadcrumbs … in this place.

 Sweet message of the day:


Besides an Easter egg hunt Monday around the office, what is happiness looking like this week?

Hot pink, baby. Embrace it – it’s everywhere. On lips. In trees. As pants.

The one piece is back. Just in time. There’s kind of a fun, vintage hippie vibe in fashion that I am thrilled about. That and not showing the whole tum-tum.

Berries. Bundt cake. Enough said.

Easter is coming! Cadbury forever, and this recipe  (cheesecake filled choc. eggs!), plus tiny little birds.

Speaking of birds. Color, beauty and BFF’s: happiness.