Monthly Archives: June 2012

Li’l Reminders

To prevent the brain from going on auto-pilot or auto-reverse, I have to give myself friendly reminders constantly. Have faith. It all works out. Don’t judge. Love more. Be thankful! Oh yeah, and keys, wallet and phone.

Just make a decision. It’s the right one.

We’re all connected. Take deep breaths. And move alot.

Live in gratitude for everything we have. Always.


This is it!

Whenever I start to get lazy about life… I remember that this is the only one I’ve got, so I better get off my a$$ and make it good.

Baking and then eating something as yummy as chocolate banana bread is pure happiness. Sharing it is even better.

Happiness also means getting up nice and early, and enjoying the quiet. In my case it means sharing the quiet with a mini Australian Shepherd named Buster, who is always ready to seize the day.

Dipping my toes into the water while reading a book brings such contentment. Guess I’m not the only one!

Being together with friends and family, sharing good conversation and food, is what it’s all about.

Choose Happiness

I was moping around last night, feeling bummed…then I realized, I am choosing this?? And I snapped out of it and resumed my positive outlook on life. If it could always be so simple.

So happy about the colorful, fresh food we are so lucky to enjoy. Check out this summer orchard and balsamic tomato bruschetta.

Hey look, it’s one of my go-to sayings. Whatever. or WhatEVER. To me, it means, I’ve got no energy for that.

Free People’s vibe makes me entirely way too happy, but my bank account…not so much.

Perception is reality. I choose happiness.

Warm Nights

First day of summer. My fave season of the year. It seems we all want to come out in the summertime, be outside in the warm breeze. Maybe it reminds us of freedom as kids?

The summer tan is a must. Spray tans work too. I heart Versa Spa.

The sky at night is the best. Look up! Make a wish!

Visit the farmer’s market and get some fresh fruit. Then turn it into a mini-cake. This blueberry charmer has only 5 ingredients. had to share!

Be with friends. Preferably on a log outdoors. By the way, have you noticed all the beautiful birds flying around? Nature. is. a miracle.

Off the Wall

Needing a little change around the homestead? My friend Helen turned me on to this wall art – which is pretty unbelievable. Talk about transformation.

Not off the wall, but off the hook, is this recipe for avocado mango salsa. Simple. Goodness.

I was listening to Oprah the other day, where she reminded me that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So we should make the most of it. And try new things.

I’ve never been kissed by a camel before. Add to bucket list.

Magic Carpet Ride

Today is special, because I know that my dad is celebrating his birthday way, way up in the clouds, or in the alternate universe he is residing in these days – some people call it heaven. Here are the periodic elements to this chemist’s perfect celebration:

Music: Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride, Credence Clearwater’s Up and Around the Bend and Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction would be on repeat.

I can’t deny that the scotch will be flowing and he’ll be enjoying a good cigar. This is who he was.

Game on: Poker parties all around – 24 hours is preferable. Who needs sleep?

I know he is sporting his glasses – indoors, outdoors, it doesn’t matter. And yes, with a cockatiel on his shoulder. And yes, with a beard.

If there was ever a cake that would fit this chocolate-loving, fun-loving guy, it was this Seven Sins Chocolate cake.

Hapy birthday pop. You live on here through our memories, just like these. If I could give you a new button-down shirt or cactus plant, I would.

Summer Lovin: Chicago Style

Sorry for the brief haitus! Sick. Traveling. And now back. Visited my bro in Chicago over the weekend, where I had the most delish and refreshing italian ice. The best summer treat. Go to Miko’s if ya ever get the chance…it’s a hole in the wall, but a stylish one. Just look at the outside…

I fell in love with this adorable pie shop called Bang Bang. They serve three types of fresh pie daily, and homemade biscuits. I had the rhubarb pie for breakfast. It was great. In my next life I want to open a pie shop. Fruit pies = perfect summer happiness.

 The food is awesome, and there’s art everywhere. I made my little bro strike a pose. He was a good sport.

We did not visit the skydeck. (Thank God.) But here’s a view anyways…

Even Snoop Dogg would dig the windy city.

Thank you Chicago – and thanks to Tony for showing me around. Go Cubs!