Monthly Archives: September 2014

Honey Thieves

I have a love/hate relationship with bees. I’m allergic to them. But I must save them if I see one drowning in a pool. They are part of nature — and isn’t nature stunning!? This morning the sky was beautiful. Beauty is all around us –


Speaking of beautiful things, a cool black boot is essential for anyone’s wardrobe. I found the PERFECT one this weekend. Going back for the grey ones soon…

edelman grey boots

I’ve been a little obsessed with finger tattoos for some time now. Discovered through my little sis the brilliant Dr. Woo. Insanely talented. Might have to pay him a visit some day.


And speaking of thieves…avocados have stolen my heart, if that’s even possible. I literally eat them every day. Now, avocado fries take happiness to a whole new level. Thank you Food Republic.

avocado fries

Thank you everyone who takes a minute to read this. Wishing you all happy hearts.


The Apple Core

Happy September! I love the idea that Fall is on its way. This means pumpkins, orange, zombies, Halloween. All my faves. My other fave thing to do is to get in touch with my core. There is wisdom there in all of us, if we can access it. Going within is calming. If you are looking for peace, it’s in there too. Lots of figurative treasures to be found. OK, you get it.

Orange is the new everything.

orange dress

 Yesterday, I had an ice cream sandwich for lunch. Some rules are definitely made to be broken. Test your limits once in awhile.


 Back to Fall. And sweets. Love these Halloween-inspired chocolate waffle cookies.


Back to Zombies. Do your part, and I thank you kindly!

wash hands