In the Moment

This very moment is all we have and are guaranteed. I always remind myself of this – and wonder…how can I make today the best?? Oh, there are so many ways. Like spending the extra cash and getting the guacamole, or the whipped cream, or the extra espresso shot. Come on now, no cheapskates allowed. More money will arrive.


Filling that headspace with positive thoughts. Consciously. That’s another way to enhance your experience this very second. And go bake something, for pete’s sake. Thank you Joy the Baker, for the cinnamon sugar popovers. Come over anytime!


 In the moment, when you are tempted to judge another, look in the mirror. Nothing is as simple as it seems.


No matter what, always look fabulous every moment you can. It will kind of make you feel a little better too! In love with these amazing highlighter gel eye pencils by Marc Jacobs.

marc jacobs liner

You are blessed! xo~xo~xo


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