Monthly Archives: August 2014

Semantic Fields Forever

We all have a different and unique lens at which we look at the world. Our very own perception. This is why it is so important to not judge others. And to understand that how we see things may not always be how they actually are. Like Buddha says – Don’t believe everything you think!

But Mondays…I think most of us can agree about that.


Lightening things up a bit…Too Faced has come out with a new line of makeup containing cocoa. It’s totally insane, in a good way. Plus: can brighten up your face — even on a Monday morning.

chocolate soleil too faced

I am proud to say I have successfully added daily meditations to my existence. What a blessing and inner calm. You can find great guided ones just by typing in Deepak Chopra Guided Meditations on YouTube – shhhh! Cool stump avail. here! Doggy not for sale.


May you find sunshine in your life each and every day.

yellow sunrise



Eat. Less.

Blogging hiatus is over. Again. What have I learned in the last several months? That faith matters, ego doesn’t, and trusting in the infinite organizing power of the universe is the way. Also, I am about to bust wide open this billion dollar diet industry. JUST EAT LESS – if you desire to shed lbs. You don’t need hours on the treadmill. Or low carb. Or TRX. Or dare I say it … juice fasting!? Pick up a few weights to strengthen the muscles, and eat less.

You can still have whatever you want. If I ate these gooey raspberry nutella cakes for breakfast (thanks What Katie Ate!), I would just skip dinner. I swear it works.


Don’t forget to check in on the people in your life you care about. Nothing matters more than good friends and family.


Creativity also matters. Instead of doing what everyone else does…why not switch it up? Have a cereal and donut-themed birthday party or shower. Brilliant, Indigo Bunting.


Grateful. Find it in every day and every moment.