Love and Rockets

I believe fully that the journey we are on is most importantly an inward one. It’s the long road to learning to really love ourselves. This is a lifetime deal. But a great and profound one! Loving and giving to others is also such a gift in our lives. This time of year is special because we get to get out of ourselves for a bit, and hopefully express our gratitude towards the amazing people in our lives. That’s what it is about – not being the most expensive gift. But a meaningful one.

I think what people usually remember getting from me are things like homemade cards, or when I bake. Just a little sweetness for thought as you embark upon the holiday chaos. A few tangible gift ideas:

Cozy comfort. Who doesn’t want a soft throw blanket. Favorites are at Restoration Hardware.

restoration hardware throws

Giving Keys. I love these – especially the story behind this company. They help and employ homeless to create these gorgeous pieces, giving them a new start and opportunity to create a better life.

giving keys
I knd of love the idea of a stock the bar party. If your friends are into the spirits, that is. Thank you Formal Fringe.


I am such a huge fan of meditation (and Deepak Chopra, as most people in my world know) – it has changed my life. So giving the gift of inner calm is also highly recommended for the appropriate audience!

deepak chopra meditations

Hope you feel the love – especially for yourself. XOXO


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