Monthly Archives: February 2015

Walking the Walk

It is easy to say, “Be happy.” To say, “Be confident.” To say, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” And it is relatively easy to be all of those things when life is going smoothly. It’s when we face the challenging times that we have to look in the mirror … and walk that walk. One day at a time. Sometimes we’ll stumble or get lost. But keep on going. What helps me through it?

MUSIC. It can always brighten my mood. Love these music icon masks. Can’t say I would actually wear one, but some of you crazies might.

music masks
FRIENDS. Spending time with positive people is amazing. Uplifting. No need to say any more. I LOVE this site and all of their art prints.


EXERCISE. OK, Don’t hate! Get out and do something. I prefer weight training. NO cardio these days. I have learned after 20 years (WTF!) that weight training is most important. And makes the most difference, for me at least. Never leave home without this sound investment of lulu lemon wunder under pants, girls.

lulu  lemon
GRATITUDE and AFFIRMATIONS. Write and read them daily. They are little pops of sunshine on a cloudy day. And a way to reprogram the brain in a good way. Not like Body Snatchers or anything.