Finding Your Happy Place

Regardless of what is going on “out there,”  I keep on learning how important it is to be happy within. Whether it’s going on a walk, reading a book (50 Shades – holla!), talking to a good friend, having coffee with that good friend, or giving someone a gift, doing all of these things as much as possible helps me.

Happiness is the bright spring colors this year. Michael Stars has great linen pants too.

Happiness is s’more anything. And hanging by a good campfire. I could do some damage to this s’more snack mix.

Who wouldn’t be happy on a water slide – especially one in Bali?! I’m even good with one in Arizona.

There is nothing better than being able to just be yourself. The end. For now.


2 thoughts on “Finding Your Happy Place

  1. Cris says:

    where is the water slide in Bali? It is amazing! I am going to Bali next week and would like to visit it…

  2. sumpretty says:

    I think it is at this hotel: Kuta Paradiso Hotel

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