Monthly Archives: February 2014

Great Expectations

One thing I have learned is that expectations are kind of a bitch. Not having them is much smarter when it comes to friends, family, your job, or anything. If you lose the expectation — you will constantly be pleasantly surprised and not constantly disappointed.

Now, if you order something amazing online you can expect it to arrive in a timely fashion. Take these monogrammed necklaces I found on ETSY. So sweet, right? The perfect gift. I had to choose the Mary one in honor of my amazing little sis.

monogrammed necklaces

Another thing you can always expect is that Oscar sunday will happen, rain or shine. Absolutely love the idea of the popcorn cupcake from the always innovative A Beautiful Mess!

popcorn cupcakes

I like to share my fave things here, you can always expect that I guess too. :). I love to give succulents as gifts. It is the perfect present for the person who has everything. Now, the Knotty Bride takes the succulent to a whole new level for her wedding. Prince would be proud.


I try to think of everything that comes my way as a gift – sometimes in unusual wrapping – but there are always lessons to be learned and challenges that help us face fears or get to another level within. When all else fails … I always say grab a pal and go have a great slice of cake!