Brain Candy

Want a happier existence? Then start filling that head with good things. Like every day. Each minute. You feel me? Morrissey definitely could use some help in that area — but I just love that guy regardless. His brutal honesty is endearing. And who wouldn’t want their own custom Ouija board with Moz leading the way. LOVE.

morrissey ouija board

At least Moz stays true to his heart and creates beautiful art. What are you passionate about? A good question to think about.

I get excited about eating good stuff. These Scotch ice cream bars with Espresso and a graham cracker crust. Yes. Thank you Sweet Paul.

elephant bar

Gift idea of the day: A tipi! They are kind of hot right now. For the dog. or the cat. or you.


Enjoy this day!


2 thoughts on “Brain Candy

  1. Andrea Frazer says:

    Found you through E-Harmony while searching for some interesting blog posts. (Just finished up a one year writing gig for Christian Mingle’s sister site, Writing aside, I just love your outlook. I, too, just love the joy of connecting with others, whether it’s through blogging, art or simply a friendly conversation with a fellow coffee sipper. You are also about the fourth person today who has mentioned Deepak Chopra. I am overdue for reading one of his books sitting on my shelf. Thanks for the nudge. I have so enjoyed your writing!

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