Monthly Archives: December 2012


It’s not quite New Years yet, but I have been thinking about my resolutions. I think putting them out there will help me remember and stick with them…so here we go.

Live in gratitude each day – writing down things I am grateful for every morning and keeping that at the forefront of my mind.

Practice non-judgment and acceptance of others.

Give to others – compliments, gifts, prayers, love, encouragement…

Try new things and get out there in the world a little bit more.

Say yes more often than no to new experiences.

Challenge myself in new areas.

Laugh alot, bake more and eat less (this will be the challenge)!

Speaking of baking, I keep seeing this recipe for nutella cinnamon buns for Christmas morning. It’s a sign! So I guess I will have to make em…

nutella rolls

Love this sleepy little bird and his COLORS! Gorgeous nature is all around us.

birdie with colors

One more resolution for me!

follow your heart but take brain with you!

Did I mention scarves are like the perfect holiday gift?

hot leapard scarf

Peace out for now.



Love this season, and love shopping for others. Fave presents of the season? Any of the Sephora gift sets, warm, cozy scarves and ponchos. Homemade banana bread also.

It’s the gesture that truly counts.


When in doubt, share a succulent. Just lovely!

succulent gift

Holiday recipe of the day/amazing gift idea:


Cannot help but share this holiday treat – homemade lavender hot cocoa.

lavendar hot chocolate


So what’s the real secret to anti-aging? Being happy, free of anger or other destructive emotions.  Oh yeah, and a little Botox goes a long way. Forget all of those $200 creams. Just slap on some sunscreen and you are good to go.

When all else fails, bake some black and white red velvet cookies — and give some away. It’s sweet on multiple levels. Thank you Joy the Baker!

white and black red velvet cookies

Being excited about the future and optimistic that 2013 is going to be a fantastic year helps to create that…at least in my experience.  This calendar is lovely.

2013 calendar

Also in the lovely category: Wrapping a sweet gift in a lightweight scarf. Brilliant.


I just love him and this shop on Etsy.

deer with tinsel