Monthly Archives: March 2013

For Goodness Sake

I like to focus on the goodness in the world. I believe the more you fill your headspace with positivity, the more of that you will bring into your life (and hopefully those around you.)

Take Sevenly, for example, they make these super cool t-shirts. Proceeds go to helping important charities like feeding starving children in Haiti. There are new t-shirts every week to choose from. Lovely.


H&M is also creating good karma with their new recycled line, appropriately called the Conscious collection. Love the floral prints and the prices. Also love being conscious, don’t you?

h&m conscious

Some sugary goodness, incorporating the seasonal Peeps we all love so much: Meet the Peeps Cake Batter Bars, by Cookies and Cups.

peeps cake

A final thought about goodness: