Monthly Archives: October 2012

In Your Hands

Just a handful of something is usually enough, right? Enter the evidence: Butternut squash hand pies from A Cozy Kitchen.

The beautiful thing is that our future is in our hands. So Go Vote! I vote for this flannel shirt. fave thing to wear in fall and winter!

With Halloween just a few days away – I would be remiss if I didn’t share the coolest cupcakes I have ever seen. Axe murderer cupcakes. Learn how to make them at One Charming Party.

When you are done trick or treating, eating and voting – take some time to chill. This little guy has the right idea.


A Little Something

Want to make a big difference in the lives of others? All it takes is a little something, a kind word, compliment, small gesture … it’s simple to do, but easy to forget. Pay it forward! I’ll pay anyone who will bake these spiced, brown butter pumpkin pretzels topped with coffee cream cheese icing for me! Top with Cinnamon – you are brilliant.

When is the last time you brought a cup of coffee for a co-worker? Or your bff? Just a little caffeine for thought…

Not a big coffee drinker? How about making some pumpkin pie oatmeal? I heard they have some at Trader Joes, if you aren’t the baking kind. Yes,  I’ve got pumpkin on the brain.

This is too amazing not to share. It’s not a little something, but a foxy something. WOW. Tory Burch has outdone herself.

I loved this sentiment from Gretchen Rubin about the ‘one thing she wished she could tell her younger self’ … it was to keep some sort of journal throughout life so you can remember the little things that brought you joy, but we all later forget. I wish I had done that. but it’s not too late to begin! xoxo


And I mean that in a great way. It looks like I skipped September (oops!). I guess I was too busy stressing over money, work, relationships, the future, the unknown, and other situations. which was pointless. now I am committed to stop wasting precious energy. and to trust in the universe. and to stay positive. There’s so much to be happy about too, like…

Joy the Baker’s gluten-free banana dumplings. for breakfast. with vanilla bean maple butter.

Anything with the red and green Gucci .

Halloween. Time to visit a pumpkin patch & make some ghost milkshakes!

The puffy vest . It will keep you cozy and stylish.

Beautiful sunsets. This one was taken on my recent trip to Oahu and the highlight of September. The North Shore is just stunning.

Buddha. Truer words were never spoken.