About SP


I have a love for all things pretty – tangible or not. This is the place I get to share all of the amazing things that come my way – whether it’s food, animals, rainbows, thoughts, ideas…it’s all about stuff that makes me smile – and hopefully you as well.




4 thoughts on “About SP

  1. Leni says:

    That’s cool, Jeannie. Wish I had time to bake some of these items. But then again, I really don’t bake much. Should probably start. Thanks for the link….gives me something else to look at before going to bed. Nice thoughts and I love the pictures!!


  2. Jennifer armor says:

    love this…a great way to start my day today. 🙂 and i’m going to make that fingerprint card. xoxo

  3. sumpretty says:

    Soooo glad u like it! xxoo!!

  4. Hey, Jeannie! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m passing on to you The Versatile Blogger Award, since you’ve inspired me to start blogging!

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