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I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions – because most of us will forget/abandon them within a few weeks/months. What’s the point? Why not just do your best every day?

Daily resolutions (with pretty pictures):

Have fun and laugh every day.

Be genuine and kind.

Be as healthy as I can.

Think positively and let negativity just pass by.

 Appreciate the ones we love, share great things…and great recipes!

Make 2012 a year to remember! See you all on January 1! 



Christmas Cakes

It’s my fave thing to share – good cakes! These are perfect to have with coffee/tea on Christmas morning…

  Gingerbread bundt cake

Christmas cake…Gluten free!

Blueberry Yogurt Coffee Cake

After you are done eating, go walking and see lights

Happy holidayz….


Joy can be a smile, some hot cocoa, or a phone call from a good friend.

This cozy den equals pure joy!

Mini pie…JOY

A pretty package warms my heart.

Lit trees are just happy.

A gingerbread tree, just a bit more grown up than the house.

What It’s All About…

Good relationships with family and friends (and pets), that is where real happiness comes from. If you have financial struggles this holiday, why not just send a sweet card with some heartfelt sentiments? Bake a batch of cookies or create your own Chex mix holiday medley. Buster always teaches me that the best things are life are free. He gets so excited about finding a stick at the park, or a feather at the beach (as you will see…)

Snickerdoodle Chex Mix…

Make hot chocolate spoons…

The best things in life are free, right Buss?

Minty Fresh

One week to go!  So get out those peppermint sticks and get cooking! Here’s some inspiration on the peppermint front. And have you tried the peppermint mocha ice-blended at Coffee Bean, by the way? It’s delish.

Add a candy cane to your cocoa.

Chocolate bundt cake – with crushed candy canes!

Peppermint bars…yum.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Happy Monday xxoo

Hump Day Faves

I am a little obsessed with the holiday gift list, and shopping in general (not a shock).  I have a need to completely finish the gift buying by this weekend. Mark my words. But that doesn’t mean the shopping is over for you my friends…

Item I heart one: J.Crew stackable colored bracelets.

Before we go on, check out this chocolate bark…how ingenious is this gift idea?

Item I heart two – the Deux Lux satchel – and plan on getting for myself!

Item I heart three: The pink pig bank

Gorgeous photo of the day…

Red Velvet, If You Please

The red velvet craze isn’t going anywhere. It’s at the frozen yogurt shop, a candle scent and there’s even red velvet rice krispy treats. Yum. Great holiday gift idea.

Red velvet pancakes – yes they are really good.

Lots of cute red velvet chords/pants/skinny jeans out this season.

Not red velvet, but so cute I had to share.


With peanut butter and chocolate. It’s almost too good to be true. This is apparently the hot cake of the week on food buzz, and I can see why. Peanut Butter Banana Cake, with chocolate ganache frosting.

Adore this photo of the little red car navigating the cold streets of some odd-looking town…

This red head is gorgeous and I am inspired by this style.  Hey little sis, are you paying attention!? Heart u!

I wish you a weekend of nothing.

Forces of Nature

This guy’s Star Wars figure work is hilarious and brilliant!

Paper Source, they’re not just for gift wrap anymore.

Mini popcorn boxes just for Christmas. CUTE. With Elves.

Peppermint Chocolate Roll. Happy now? 

Style By Anthro

I got the new Anthropologie catalog today – and am dying over the fantastic sweaters, boots, layers, and rustic looks.

Still loving ponchos!

Damn these clogs are cute.

Moving on. This photo is too adorable for words. I heart gingers! Soooo pretty.

 One more cute share – love this photog and her elf shots. Spin the bottle – what a riot!