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Pie in the Sky

Happy Halloween all! There is something especially heartwarming about the whole pie-baking process. The scent, the cinnamon, the fresh berries – melting vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Maybe it reminds me of Thanksgiving, but pies make me happy!

Get the recipe for this perfect raspberry pie

I am intrigued by these oreo and peanut butter mini pies… recipe here

Looking up at the sky and thinking of pies.

Everyone enjoy the spooky day!


My Dad

I lost my dad yesterday. As I plan his memorial, I am thinking about all of the things he loved – his pretties. My dad was a unique individual – smart, quirky, creative, funny, difficult, sensitive, particular, and I will always cherish the many wonderful times we shared. Here are some of his favorite things – things he was known for.

Anyone that knew him also knew that he never left home without wearing a blazer – it could be 100 degrees outside and he still put on that darn blazer. He loved them because he could fit all sorts of things in the pockets.

If you ever went to dinner with him, he’d pull a few Andes mints out of his pocket when we were finished – and pass them around to all of us. This was a ritual – we’d all take one – even if it was a bit melted from being in his pocket.

He was a chemist, and even had a little lab in our house growing up. Sometimes when I was a kid I would sneak in there and look at all of the beakers and mysterious things going on. He was really brilliant when it came to chemistry.

He loved rock, Jimi Hendrix would be blaring in the garage from his boom box as he did whatever it was he did out there. He also played a lot of Credence Clearwater and Steppenwolf. Love that Magic Carpet Ride. And Foxy Lady.

“Let’s get some chinese” – he would say. Whenever the family went to dinner – it had to be some fabulous chinese restaurant. We even had one of those turn tables on the kitchen table. Lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork and of course – mongolian beef – were staples. Chef Chu’s in Mountain View was the special spot for us.

Why do I love horror movies so much? You can thank my dad for that! The two of us would watch them together when I was a kid – The Thing was one of our favorites. He also loved zombies – Return of the Living Dead – and he loved to dress up like a mad scientist for Halloween.


Finally…he loved me! And I loved him too and will always treasure each and every moment we shared.  I am happy to get to share his favorite things with you.

I love Thursday

I have always liked Thursdays … as the weekend is near! Here are some random revelations – with a special shout out to Snoop Dogg – who is sort of brilliant.

What a character – and great photo from this stunning site.

Hello, gorgeous sweater from H&M. The price is definitely right on this one.

I finally found a reason to use the crockpot- dessert ideas!

I spied these Tori Burch  boots at Nordies over the weekend. Sigh. Love. Want.

Natural Beauty

Nothing is really more gorgeous than the things that come to us naturally.  Aren’t pomegranate seeds sort of stunning? And amazing for you? And fantastic on salads?


Oh little cardinal, you have no idea how pretty you are!

LOOOOVE the natural yummy factor in this rainbow fruit platter.

What is more beautiful than this?

Texas Blue Bonnets – make me happy

Beauty is all around us – aren’t we lucky?

Dina Manzo’s Pretty – and so is banana bread.

Two things are on my mind today – the lot of bananas at home just waiting to become banana bread, and I am loving Dina Manzo’s blog! She is the former Jersey housewife that realized the show was all drama and left the building – and explains why here. She is inspiring – able to say no to money and fame and live a real life. Bravo – to you!

Now back to baking. Doesn’t this look just delish!? See the recipe and imagine how yummy!

In other feel-good news, did you know that you can actually knit a sweater for the poor little penguins in New Zealand, suffering after the recent oil spill there? Details here.

Last,  but not least, is this amazing post on how to make a number of garlands – you really should make one for your next bash.

Turning into a Pumpkin…

Wouldn’t be such a bad thing! Pumpkins are a gorgeous hue of orange. They are also everywhere right now…see what I mean?

In the fireplace

On the roof!

On sticks too!

This pumpkin-colored bag – on Etsy!

Last, but not least, orange, crocheted mini safety cones. I have no idea what you do with such things but they are so cute!

I’ve Gone Nuts

It’s beginning to look alot like autumn. With that comes all sorts of wonderful things – and who knew acorns were just so darn fabulous!

Adorable ornaments, dontcha think?

Had to throw in the mini-photo from Stacey Winters as well – she is so talented.

Back to acorns – I so need to make these acorn donut holes! The problem is I might eat too many.

See, even this little guy likes em!

Pretty in Pink

You knew I had to do a post with that title, right? I am of that generation…Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Wierd Science!

Full disclaimer here – I am not usually a fan of pink, but I have found some gorgeous things to share today. TGIF!!!

If you are going to rock pink – this is how you do it.

The pink chandelier, amazing.

Love this vintage sweater – with some jeans and boots.

Amazing pink dog collar…too bad Lil Buss is a boy!

Very cute neckwarmer

Pink grapefruit margaritas

Pink blush from Lorac – amazing line of makeup, by the way.

Pretty in Pinterest

Oh Pinterest, what would I do without you? If you haven’t discovered this site, your life is about to change – for the better! It’s an online pinboard where you can find and share things you love. That doesn’t do it justice, really. Here are some fun things I found in about 15 minutes today…

I will take one…or two!

Rainbows are my fave!


Love this holiday decor…and this little guy’s spirit!

Random Thoughts of Pretty

Pretty is in the eye of the beholder, and talented people out there can really make anything look appealing. I never thought of oatmeal as something to marvel at, but now I do. Thank you A Beautiful Mess. If you dig the multigrains, you need to click the link because she has thought of many yummy ways to enjoy it!

Affordable art? You can find it all at Thumbtack press – the greatest site/showcase for some cool artists!

These scarves at Forever 21 – so cute and super-duper cheap!