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Human Nature

We humans are a funny species. We hang onto our habits, dread change ( most of us) and don’t value ourselves enough. I am learning at my young age of 40 that all the doubting and fear is just garbage in our brains!

No wonder our furry friends give us such looks at times…like…WTF is wrong with you people?

But all this talk doesn’t mean shit. It’s all about making it happen.

Another reason I won’t eat pigs. They swim! Bless their little hearts, they have courage.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on moving ahead – despite the garbage my brain tries to tell me!


March Madness

This is the time of year when I start to get Spring Fever. No more boots. No more scarves. Bring on the sunny please. I know … such problems, right!?

Speaking of LIGHT, had to share these these vintage, empowering  light-message fixtures.

A few weeks ago I saw a sweet little pup riding along with his motorcycle pop. All he needed was this! Cause we need to be safe in springtime too.

It’s the perfect spring treat: Cranberry orange cinnamon rolls. 

Laguna Beach – pretty any time of year.

Mad Men dolls, also pretty any time of year.

Forgive Me…

I’d like to start a new trend called Forgiveness Fridays. Try to forgive anyone you are upset with (or even yourself). You’ll feel ten lbs. lighter and go into the weekend with a happier heart.  I’m not saying forget – just forgive!

I forgive you, perfect model, for having the hair I always wanted. and an amazing orange skirt.

I forgive you, cool little dude, for being way more stylish than I was as a kid.

I forgive you, chocolate anything ( bread pudding in this case), for adding at least 5 lbs to my frame over the past few years. This recipe has nutella and looks delish! 

I forgive you, all precious doggies, especially Lil Buss, for stealing a piece of my heart. But you can have it.

Shift Happens

I love this phrase, which I got from Oprah’s interview with Lady Gaga. She shifted millions of lives with her Born This Way anthem. While forces on the other side (or the dark side, in my opinion) are trying to push their anti-acceptance message, Gaga is prevailing.  Love her.

One guy that shifted my perception early on was Morrissey. It was all bubble gum and Duran Duran until he came along. And got me thinking. and he isn’t depressing. no matter what people say.

I never knew about the maple bonsai – lovely. Now when I see all those green ones, I will think of the pretty red one. see, shift happens. every. day!

I can’t leave out the guy who really made me look at life in a new way. Deepak, you are my fave.

So what’s behind door number one? Lots of color, new beginnings and whatever you want! Just make it pretty!

Rebel Rebel

Yes, I’ve gotten totally sucked into the Hunger Games frenzy (Only 4 more days til the movie opens! Shriek!). Sorry. It’s funny, now that I am older and wiser I think I’d choose Peeta For Katniss, rather than Gale. And yes, now there is another reason to hit the gym…

Speaking of rebel leaders or people who beat to their own drum…which I always am drawn to and admire, is gorgeous Kat Von D. I dig her. I think Katniss would def. visit her for some ink.

It also takes courage and faith to be hopeful.

You also need fuel if you are going to fight the establishment, or whoever! These Kale and sweet potato quesadilla’s should do the trick.

Animal Style

Animals get to my heart like no one or nothing else. Just seeing someone walking their Fido makes me smile. Their innocence and pure spirits are to be celebrated. and valued.

Since we are being animal friendly, imagine that this girl is eating vegan meatballs. I adore this photo – everything about it. A girl eating. LOVE! Oscar de la Renta’s not too shabby either.

Something else I truly admire and aspire to be more like – people with mad courage. Like Sacha Baron Cohen. When does The Dictator come out, anyways? Can not wait.

Lil Buss asked that I feature a vegetarian option today. SO, since it is going to be chilly and rainy this weekend, how about making some Indian-style sloppy joes? YUM.

I Believe…

Tuesday is much better than Monday. Especially a Monday adjusting to one less hour. Now, any day has to be better if you get to cruise up PCH in this bad boy. So gorgeous, right!? This one’s for the boys, and the girls who like cars.

No pretty post is complete without some outrageous recipe. Today is no exception friends. Mini. Monkey.Bread. enough said.

Art is amazing, but the prints on Help Ink  are inspiring and proceeds go to different charities. Everyone spread joy today & see what happens!

And because I do believe that you can never be too careful… the defense mat! Only 20 bills.

The Power of Intention

I have been looking for a pair of baggy/boyfriend/worn jeans for awhile now. I am tired of the skinny jeans and feeling like a sausage, quite frankly. As I intensified my search – I found em. and bought em. I didn’t care about the price. Here they are! Current/Eliott, the latest jeans of the stars. Who knew? Thank you Gisele, for modeling them for Sumpretty.

So what else makes us happy? These simple rules. Because it really is about simplicity. and good denim.

Now, my intention is not to make anyone fat, but to share amazing things – which sometimes happen to be quite tasty. Like this caramel cake

Finally, do not forget to plan a vacation this year! I will get to Hawaii in 2012 (feel the intention there!?). There’s just something about Kauai.

*Have an excellent wknd *

Hunger Games

I just got the book…finally. I can relate to the title, frankly, because I am always hungry! I can’t wait to get lost in the story. Would this chocolate oatmeal tart, made with just 6 ingredients, satisfy my sweet tooth? I plan on finding out this week!

Is it a girl? A young vampire? Me after too much chocolate oatmeal goodness? I don’t know, but I love this pic.

This little dude is the coolest! I hope he never goes hungry.

Whether you are famished or not, one must always be fashionable. Like in this dress. On my list!

Pretty is Everywhere…

All you have to do is open your eyes. Pretty is in the mirror, in the sky, in the garden, everywhere! If you see something pretty while shopping, buy it, cause life is short! Had to share these new Splendid wedges I just scooped up. Yay me.

Popsicles are pretty, and a popsicle bar is even more delish. They have em in NYC – come on LA!

Adidas stuff is pretty, especially when worn by doggies.

Nothing can beat the pretty that nature gives us each day. I am so thankful for that.

But the prettiest thing ever is a great, big smile. Don’t forget to give that gift to everyone today. xo