Monthly Archives: August 2012

Chalkboard Jungle

I wonder if my obsession with chalkboards, big and mini, stems from childhood memories and association with that part of life…….OK, pondering done.

Isn’t this chalkboard wall so fun? For the kids? For you?

Another throwback fave of mine were banana splits, although I haven’t eaten enough of those in my lifetime. Found this recipe for a fried banana dessert. Wouldn’t it be divine with vanilla fro-yo?

Are they in a food coma? Or zombies? I ask myself this question often. Some people are so checked out.

K, after you are done exposing zombies, eating fried bananas, and making chalk art, go outside and have a seat on a tree ring. Yes, you can buy these.


Back to School

Yes, I have been out of school for a decade (wow, or more) but I still get excited for the hype surrounding shopping for the next season. Any. excuse. works.

Please do yourself a favor and visit H&M. Save money and find fashion.

While you are at it, pick up something for the dog. (Bones are ideal.)

Do not forget to load up on healthful fuel – like this strawberry avocado salad (amaze!) before you hit the stores.

I’m actually kinda excited about Fall. Are you?

P.S. Eagle Eye, this one’s for you!

The Fog Has Lifted

It’s been a distracting two weeks…but I’m hoping to get back to sumpretty normalcy. Amazing how tricky it is to stay balanced sometimes. Somehow we always find our way back to center. Thank God.

So, summer is ending, I am told. It definitely doesn’t feel like it, but just in case, I think I will take advantage of all those ripened strawberries and share this Frozen Strawberry Crunch Cake recipe. Only 20 minutes prep time!

What will they think of next, you ask? Oh, I guess it’s the grass manicure. Random.

Oh Greece, my family will be visiting you soon. Hopefully hanging in a spot as beautiful as this.

Cotton candy is good for the soul. Just brush your teeth afterwards.

If you need me, I’ll be on the next boat to this heart-shaped island. Peace out friends!

Avocado Summer

Avocado has become my new best friend this summer. Trying to avoid meat is challenging – but the avocado has been there to save the day. Fortunately, I will never give up a good cookie cake. This one from Joy the Baker will be made immediately. Banana. Chocolate. Walnut. Cookie. Cake. with ice cream or whatever you like on top. My fave.

Back to avocados for a minute, the kind found in a cozy kitchen inside of a taco. Check it.

I almost called this blog “road to somewhere” – based on the below photo. Just seeing images like this inspires me and reminds me that we all have exciting, unforeseen things ahead in this journey called life. And keeping the blinders off is a reminder I like to give myself.

We all get by with a little help from our friends. And if they are wearing amazing patterned outfits, all the better.

Face Yoga

I love the Real Housewives because it truly is educational on some strange level. Perfect example: The New Yorkers engaged in a little Face Yoga – apparently you can work those neck and cheek muscles in under 5 minutes a day. Turns out this is a big thing. How did I miss this?

I finally got a pair of the hotly-marketed DL 1961 jeans, dubbed the “perfect jean.” I can see why – they suck you in and stretch (thanks Lycra) and do all sorts of great things! I highly recommend them. I wonder if she does face yoga?

Another reason for a lycra-enhanced jean? Mini pies. Now you can make them with a little help from Breville. Genius.

My obsession with fancy ice cubes continues. Love this pic.

This blog post is asking you to take action: Add Eat Yourself Skinny to your favorites or bookmarks. Kale Chips. Lemon Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes. Innovative and healthful. Check it, if you like.

Everyone have a good hair kinda week.