The Bright Side

There’s always a bright side, right? A friend got laid off… I say it’s because there is something better. Believe the best is yet to come… and it comes to fruition. Any of us reading this right now, who play on Facebook and their computers, should just be grateful. You get dumped? Look on the bright side, as you are now available to meet someone new and have a new adventure.

The bright side of an impending hot summer? Making cool milkshakes, like this toasted marshmallow one.

The bright side to any exercise: Feeling good, burning calories, being able to eat the milkshake — and in this case, surviving.

The bright side to having pets, besides all the love they give you, is dressing them up and taking a shitload of photos of them.

The best thing ever? We can choose to look at the bright side.


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