Monthly Archives: December 2014

Brain Candy

Want a happier existence? Then start filling that head with good things. Like every day. Each minute. You feel me? Morrissey definitely could use some help in that area — but I just love that guy regardless. His brutal honesty is endearing. And who wouldn’t want their own custom Ouija board with Moz leading the way. LOVE.

morrissey ouija board

At least Moz stays true to his heart and creates beautiful art. What are you passionate about? A good question to think about.

I get excited about eating good stuff. These Scotch ice cream bars with Espresso and a graham cracker crust. Yes. Thank you Sweet Paul.

elephant bar

Gift idea of the day: A tipi! They are kind of hot right now. For the dog. or the cat. or you.


Enjoy this day!


Love and Rockets

I believe fully that the journey we are on is most importantly an inward one. It’s the long road to learning to really love ourselves. This is a lifetime deal. But a great and profound one! Loving and giving to others is also such a gift in our lives. This time of year is special because we get to get out of ourselves for a bit, and hopefully express our gratitude towards the amazing people in our lives. That’s what it is about – not being the most expensive gift. But a meaningful one.

I think what people usually remember getting from me are things like homemade cards, or when I bake. Just a little sweetness for thought as you embark upon the holiday chaos. A few tangible gift ideas:

Cozy comfort. Who doesn’t want a soft throw blanket. Favorites are at Restoration Hardware.

restoration hardware throws

Giving Keys. I love these – especially the story behind this company. They help and employ homeless to create these gorgeous pieces, giving them a new start and opportunity to create a better life.

giving keys
I knd of love the idea of a stock the bar party. If your friends are into the spirits, that is. Thank you Formal Fringe.


I am such a huge fan of meditation (and Deepak Chopra, as most people in my world know) – it has changed my life. So giving the gift of inner calm is also highly recommended for the appropriate audience!

deepak chopra meditations

Hope you feel the love – especially for yourself. XOXO