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Gluttonous Thursday

Damn, I keep finding the most amazing food blogs. Baked donuts? Sign me up.

These lovelies are actually baked samoa donuts with dark chocolate and caramel.

I think this sign does a nice job of reminding me to keep moving. Like after I eat a samoa donut.

And now…check out this artist who gets inspired by music! Found it over at Indigo Bunting.

I want this ring. That’s all.

Hello Sunshine

The sun is out again. This is very important to me – as rain kinda brings me down and sun gives me vast amounts of energy. Maybe that is just an excuse to be lazy sometimes. Yeah, probably…and that’s also probably why you haven’t seen a new blog in a few days!

Blackberries are always in season it seems. Blackberry cobbler is also always delicious. I had to share this brilliant recipe from Faux Martha! You gotta make it. Soon.


Forgive me for never sharing the absolutely adorable work from Sharon Montrose.

C u soon friends!

Fancy Pretties

The cool sites out there just seem to never end. I just found Fancy, which turned me onto …

Can you believe it? Caffeine-infused marshmallows.

They also featured this blue ice cave in Iceland. Stunning.

Not to change the subject, but I also found another amazing baking site Sprinkle Bakes. She made this cherry-vanilla cake, which I highly advise trying!

Oh, in case you are in need of a combat garden gnome, I found one for you.


I watched a little OWN this weekend – Oprah was interviewing a woman who had been through a stroke and recovered with a whole new perspective on life. The thing she said that stuck with me was — There are two types of people. Those that give you energy and those that take it from you. LOVE that. Stay away energy suckers!

Can’t deny that coffee gives me a little pep in my step.

Sharing great recipes like this better than sex cake gives me joy and energy – as does baking!

Exercise = Energy. No matter how much you don’t want to do it! See how you feel afterwards.

Stripes, shopping and buying boots. Energizing! But the best energy I get is from spending time with the great people in my life.


Purple Rain

I was watching Prince’s movie last night and it brought back so many memories. I wonder if he still loves purple? Or has he moved on to another hue?

Here’s a little purple just for you, Prince. Thank you for such a brilliant song.

Before I move on, ladies if you have never worn purple eyeshadow – run and get some. It makes your eyes pop! MAC has the best colors!

I love long hair. I guess that will make sense if you know me. This and the photo below are from a wonderful blog/visual journal. Check it.

I am digging photos of roads or paths – it reminds me that we can create and shape what is ahead for us. Life is about moving forward. Have a happy weekend.

New Moon

I love the Twilight books – I’m not afraid to say that. I haven’t gotten into the Hunger Games, but’s that is the next obvious reading material on the list for a 40-year-old, right?. Last night I drove home looking at the most gorgeous moon… kinda like this. The world is a miraculous place.

What else is miraculous? Pretty much anything made with bananas. One of my fave things is a protein shake with bananas, almond milk, peanut butter…here’s a brilliant recipe — with coffee.

For those of you in LA, I found a great blogger who shares her dining experiences. She rocks. and eats. and has a dog. My kind of girl.

Last on my mind, but not least – is more fashion inspiration from Atlantic Pacific. Best.outfit.ever. Love rolled up jeans with those tights. Rachel Zoe would go bananas with her coffee shake!

Forever Pretties

There are just some things that should be remembered and cherished every single day…forever.

Being responsible and committed is very pretty. 

Appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds us…important.

Real food, vegetables (this corn salad, yum!!) fruits – eat them every day. Taking care of yourself is smart and pretty.

Have love and compassion in your heart for those younger and older.  

Eat chocolate and live in the NOW.

Health Kick

We are all in healthy eating mode since December’s sweet-a-thon it seems…some friends are doing no carbs, but I cannot do that. I’d be hungry every second of the day. I am a whole grains girl. Speaking of grains – I found a baked apple spice doughnut you gotta try. It’s vegan, which means it must be healthier right?!

Put all of my favorite healthy things together and what do you get? Kale, pomegranate, butternut squash salad. OMG.

Enough obsessing about food. I think I need to go to Norway.

I hope everyone has a blissful weekend.

In Dog We Trust

Not only do I trust my dog Bussy – he is my second fave being on the planet (besides the hubby of course).  Le Dog captures the hottest pooches in the East Side. Check it!

Another gratuitious Buster at the beach pic…

Onto my other favorite subject … shopping. Did you know Zappos has a couture section? News to me. I want this watch. in 2012.

Just stumbled upon this recipe for Persimmon bread … what!? I have never had this and must try!

Get Real

I need to eat more real food. Do you? Here’s some organic granola, yogurt and bananas to get you thinking about breakfast

Has anyone gotten into the shake craze? I ain’t talking shamrock shakes – but carrot, kale and beet juice. It’s a thing here in LA. This site has some amazing recipes for real good food.

I am obsessed with sweet potatoes. This herb-crusted recipe is to die for.

Enough about food. Free People just keeps getting better and better – I am eyeing this vegan faux leather button down. love.

I don’t know why I love thrashed t-shirts with holes, but I do! I may have to pick up a few. How cute does it look with good pants and jewelry? And messy hair, of course. 

Rock on friends, with your destroyed fashion and real food in hand.