Silver and Gold

Ebony and ivory. Stripes and Plaids. Breakfast for dinner. I love putting two contrasting ideas or elements together for maximum, soul-inspiring enjoyment. I just saw a silver and gold Christmas tree display and it was completely stunning. I think it’s really important to mix things up and not follow the ‘rules’. Wear white pants for the holiday party (if you have to go to the party!). If it makes your soul happy, then go for it.

The girls behind A Beautiful Mess know exactly what I am talking about. LOVE their simple knot braid tutorial. Just really love the knot braid. and the red hair.

knot braid

Food is one of the best examples where you can be creative and mix it up. Who wouldn’t be happy to see these Pecan Pie egg rolls on the dessert table? Thank you Kristen Duke!


One thing you should not try and put together. Dogs and birds. AKA Dirds. Thanks to my friend Shaily for sharing with me. I am not sure whether to laugh or wince.

di8At the end of the day, I encourage everyone to be brave and live your life to the fullest. I am starting to really buy into the self-belief stuff. Oh yeah, and buy stuff on ETSY!



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