The title of this blog has two meanings…one’s a fond memory of my Don Johnson crush days. I heard that song on satellite radio yesterday. OMG is that actually Hearbeat I am hearing? I gotta pull out some Miami Vice DVDs STAT.

The other heartbeat I have been thinking about lately is those belonging to animals. To make a long story short,  I have decided not to eat them anymore. It’s not really a health thing –  but more of a I-love-animals-too-much-to-eat-them issue. So get ready for lots of vegetarian pretties — like baked zucchini fries.

If anyone hates on my decisions, I’ll just smile and do exactly as I wish anyways. Do you agree that haters just need some luv?

Wrapping it all  up with sweets today. Chocolate chip cookie dough pops, to be exact. Be still my heart.


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