Magic Carpet Ride

Today is special, because I know that my dad is celebrating his birthday way, way up in the clouds, or in the alternate universe he is residing in these days – some people call it heaven. Here are the periodic elements to this chemist’s perfect celebration:

Music: Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride, Credence Clearwater’s Up and Around the Bend and Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction would be on repeat.

I can’t deny that the scotch will be flowing and he’ll be enjoying a good cigar. This is who he was.

Game on: Poker parties all around – 24 hours is preferable. Who needs sleep?

I know he is sporting his glasses – indoors, outdoors, it doesn’t matter. And yes, with a cockatiel on his shoulder. And yes, with a beard.

If there was ever a cake that would fit this chocolate-loving, fun-loving guy, it was this Seven Sins Chocolate cake.

Hapy birthday pop. You live on here through our memories, just like these. If I could give you a new button-down shirt or cactus plant, I would.


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