Shift Happens

I love this phrase, which I got from Oprah’s interview with Lady Gaga. She shifted millions of lives with her Born This Way anthem. While forces on the other side (or the dark side, in my opinion) are trying to push their anti-acceptance message, Gaga is prevailing.  Love her.

One guy that shifted my perception early on was Morrissey. It was all bubble gum and Duran Duran until he came along. And got me thinking. and he isn’t depressing. no matter what people say.

I never knew about the maple bonsai – lovely. Now when I see all those green ones, I will think of the pretty red one. see, shift happens. every. day!

I can’t leave out the guy who really made me look at life in a new way. Deepak, you are my fave.

So what’s behind door number one? Lots of color, new beginnings and whatever you want! Just make it pretty!


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