Pets & Pies

I am sure any pet would love this pie. They may not like some of the other items below, but you will. Now, back to the sweet potato pie with marshmallow meringue. Yum.

It’s starting to rain, which is a huge pain when my mini Aussie Buster wants to go for his daily walk. He stares at the door, sending me telepathic messages. This doggy rain slicker just may be the answer, although I will need to get him a more masculine color combination than this. He is an alpha dog, after all.

Veering off track for a second, I am in love with these tiny string lights. They would go perfectly on your tiny tree.

Buster wears his red bow tie on special occasions. Now he can wear one every day, thanks to this ingenious leather doggy collar. Isn’t this photo gorgeous?


One thought on “Pets & Pies

  1. Buss says:

    I love this dog!

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