I am pretty picky about things (mainly food). I don’t know where I get it from – but some of my work pals like to joke, “Would this be Jeannie approved?” Lately in the office they have been having free Wednesday lunches. Is Quizno’s approved? Nope. Chick Fil-A, they ask? No way. I just like certain things, a certain way, and of a certain quality. Call me a picky Virgo. It doesn’t have to be expensive either – just thoughtful, healthy (usually) and super tasty. Perfect example? Sharkys!

Approved:  Homemade desserts, like this ice cream chocolate cake. You must read this recipe – it is intriguing to me.

Not approved: Any sort of cake or dessert from the grocery store (blech). At the very least, go to a cute cupcake shop if you must.

Approved: Fresh guacamole. Not approved: Fake guac. blends from, you guessed it, Ralphs!

Approved: Fresh fruit toppings on yogurt, waffles or anything! Not approved: Jam-like toppings they have at places like Golden Spoon.

Always approved: God’s creatures – our precious pets. Love all of them.

Anyone reading this blog: So approved! Thank u.


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